Overview of Usage

Pulso ONG consists of three types of data


Only a phone number is stored for participants. They can be added to the system manually by a Pulso ONG administrator, or if a participant wishes to participate in a survey they can add their number to the database by sending an SMS to us containing JOIN (or UNIRSE), or to unsubscribe from surveys they can send EXIT (or SALIR).


A collection of questions scheduled to send on a specific date. A survey can have an introduction message defined that is sent initially to greet the participant.


The questions defined for each survey. Questions are formatted using a syntax (see below) force the participant to choose one option, choose one-or-more options, or to give a freeform response. Questions are ranked to be sent in a specific order.

Question syntax

The question text is limited to 160 characters (SMS limit).

There are three available types of questions:

1. Choose one option

Include the options behind ) brackets, e.g.:

Have you worked in the US in the past 5 years? A) Yes, B) No

The responded can reply either A or B; if the system doesn't understand the response it will send the participant a message asking them to try again.

2. Freeform response

For a multiple-choice-style question, include the options behind ] brackets, e.g.:

Which abuse have you experienced (choose one-or-more): A] Fraud, B] Threats, C] Physical abuse, D] Verbal abuse, E] Extortion, F] Blacklisting, G] Human trade

The response can include any number of single letters with any kind of separator (A B C or A,B,C); if the system doesn't understand the response it will send the participant a message asking them to try again.

3. Freeform response

To allow a freeform response to a question, simply end the question with a question mark (?). E.g.,

How did you hear about your job?

Any reply will be accepted.

How to create a survey

  1. Visit the surveys module and click Add survey.
  2. Complete the fields, defining a date when the survey will begin.
  3. You will be redirected to the questions module to begin adding questions immediately.

Editing questions

  1. Visit the questions module, and choose your survey from the filter menu.
  2. Click the icon to edit an existing question. You will not be able to edit a question if it has already been sent in the survey.
  3. To add a new question click the Add question link.

How to close a survey

After the survey has been running a sufficient length of time (at least one week?) and you have reviewed the reports to ensure enough data has been collected, visit the surveys module and click the X next to the running indicator; you will be prompted to close the survey. Once a survey is closed no additional questions will be sent, and no further responses will be recorded.

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